Boxing Gloves: The History

Boxing gloves have been around since 3000 years ago, almost in every form. In an effort to protect their hands, ancient Greeks wrapped their fingers in leather strips. However, these early gloves had no padding. They were made of leather to protect the hand. Most people mistakenly think that boxing gloves are meant to protect the person being struck. The bones in your hands are delicate and very small. The padding provided by boxing glove is just as important to protect the person swinging than it is to protect those on the other side of the swing.

Unfortunately, the Romans made boxing a gladiator-type event when they took over the Greek sport from the Greeks. They still used Greek-style leather strips as gloves. They hardened the leather, and attached metal spikes or studs to the strips. The result was that many ancient Roman boxing matches ended in the losers being permanently or even dead.

This was too cruel for even the ancient Romans. 30 B.C. made boxing illegal within all Roman cities, provinces, and towns. This disgust for boxing was so severe in the Roman Empire, it was continued throughout Western civilization for more than 1500 years.

Boxing returned to the public consciousness in the late 1600s. It was still bare-knuckled. It wasn’t long before boxing gloves returned due to the more civilized approach to boxing joel embiid injury. In this time, padding was added. Jack Broughton (a British boxing champion from the early 1800s) is widely regarded as the inventor of modern padded gloves. These padded leather boxing gloves from the 1600s to 1700s were used for practice and in informal matches. The majority of public boxing matches took place in bare-knuckle situations.

These bare-knuckle matches were causing deaths so it was necessary to do something. Strangely, however in the 1800s and 1900s, boxing rules did not mention or require the use gloves. Boxers were hesitant to abandon the pureness of bare knuckles fighting. In many parts of the globe, boxing was banned by the 1800s. This led to a seedy reputation that still exists today.

John Graham Chambers, a Londoner, published the Queensbury Rules. It was this publication that marked the end of bare-knuckle snooker boxing. These rules mandated the use of padded gloves in all boxing matches. Queensbury rules were in use everywhere by the turn of the 20th Century and bare-knuckles boxes had been eliminated from all established boxing events.

John L. Sullivan was John L. Sullivan, the last of the bare-knuckle champs in boxing. His 1892 championship was lost to “Gentleman Jim”, who was the first Marquise Queensbury rules champion. It was not surprising that the Queensbury rules applied to the match and both fighters wore padded gloves.

Today, boxing gloves are defined based on their weight. Both the contestants and the boxing gloves will be safer if they are heavier. These gloves are not only more comfortable, but also have a greater padding. Boxers with heavier gloves can swing slower than those with lighter gloves.

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