Flagstone is a new favourite of ours.

Maxim Kashin, an architect who founded the best kinds of floors in his own company in 2013, explained that the primary concept behind the design was to design a space that focuses on light and shadow. The design was necessary to make it practical for a young couple, which was a challenge due to the L-shaped dining and living spaces.

Maxim was initially inspired by the futuristic, white styles of Santiago Calatrava. He used geometric shapes to contrast the rectilinear layout of his original.

Maxim claims that the room’s curving walls function as dividers best kinds of floors and shelves that are open, creating intriguing visual effects of light and shadow. The most loved most-loved-with-it element? It’s the bold, huge-scale version of Terrazzo that was used to create the floors as well as the kitchen backsplash.

Maxim describes Maxim calls the “breccia technique made from marble pieces” for backsplashes and floors. The material is characterized by the aesthetic appeal and strength of natural terrazzo as well as hand-set flagstone pavers.

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Terrazzo is usually made of tiny pieces of quartz, marble, or another type of stone. Maxim decided to be bold and make use of larger pieces of lighter-colored marble that has gray veining and some red hues to make a smooth, uniform surface. Maxim states that the abstract design it creates is like landscapes however with a modern twist. It is the centerpiece of space’s neutral and minimalist tones. Maxim says that the flooring was the most challenging element of the design. But he insists that every piece of marble had to be set at a proper distance from the other pieces. The same was true when taking into consideration the arrangement of the sofas as well as their curving curves.

What is it that is so attractive about terrazzo? We are awestruck by the way the breccia design is visually stunning.

The variety of this material is another thing we love about. It is a great best kinds of floors backsplash or floor in both a design as well as a practical point of view as well as utilized in a variety of settings, like an outdoor bathroom or patio. We also love the green design of this material that combines aesthetics with recycled materials.

The floor was stained and smoked to create the appearance of a warm grey, muted hue, and vivid color variations.

Maple Bruma was selected to be the floor for the bedroom. The single-strip grey flooring has smooth hand-scraping that creates a vintage appearance. Bruma is a rustic floor with cracks knots, fillings, and knots.

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