How to use pepper spray: what you need to know

Pepper sprays for self-defense: how much they cost, which ones are better

One of the most effective types of tools for self-defense is pepper gas. They are designed to neutralize people trying to attack, as well as to protect themselves from aggressive animals, for example, dogs. In addition, it is known that there are specialized large-volume pepper sprays that have very good performance.

Choose your defense weapon wisely

The more attackers, the higher the level of aggression and the greater the likelihood of physical contact. When trying to spray pepper on multiple opponents, the situation is rarely successful. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the one who seems to be stronger and attack him, because in this case there is a high probability that the rest will simply scatter, having lost their leader.

Tip: For self-defense against several attackers, aerosol-type pepper sprays are perfect. Control-UM is one of those reliable aerosol-type sprays. Tyumenskiye Aerozoli – the manufacturer of the “Control” pepper sprays guarantees the time of neutralization of the aggressor for 20-30 minutes. Redness on the skin (burn) stays up to 1 day, which makes it easier to identify offenders.

Classification of pepper sprays

The most common way pepper sprays are classified is based on propellant spray type.

• Aerosol spray. When exposed to it, a spacious and not very long pepper gas cloud is formed. Thanks to this, it is quite effective to use such sprays as protection against attacks by several people at the same time, which can be located at a distance of up to one or two meters; pepper spray

• Jet-spray. These products represent a kind of compromise between spray in the form of a cloud and the formation of a jet, so they combine the positive aspects of the two methods.

• A wide variety of non-standard models such as spray, foam or gel sprays. For example, the extract of hot pepper, sprayed with a narrowly directed stream of liquid, in the form of a foam or thick gel, causing very painful lesions to the mucous membrane of the attacker’s eyes.

The undoubted advantages of these methods are the range of their use (up to three meters), as well as economical use. However, their disadvantage will be the personal physical qualities of the defender. For example, he will have to have an excellent reaction and good marksmanship in order to get with the help of a narrow jet at such a relatively large distance.

How to use a pepper spray

It is important to be able to use a pepper gas spray correctly. Regardless of what time of day you have to use the spray, you need to get used to it. When in danger, this will allow you to repulse the aggressor, and not sprinkle a hellish mixture in your own face.

Self-defense experts recommend carrying the pepper spray always in one place. So, when in danger you can pull it out without delay. If you are left-handed, wear it in the left pocket of your outerwear, if you are right-handed, then, accordingly, in the right.

It takes practice to properly use a pepper spray. If you don’t have time for practice, take on a couple of simple rules that, in an emergency, pepper spray can save not only your wallet, but also your life.

A so called “Surprise effect”. Pull out the spray, so that the thumb of your dominant hand is on the spray button, use it immediately.

It is forbidden to use a pepper spray gas at a distance of less than a meter. The optimal distance is 1 meter. However, do not get too close to the attacker, he can take advantage of the situation, or knock the spray can out of your hands.

Spray the contents of the pepper gas directly into the attacker’s face. Consideration should be given to the type of irritant spray. If you are using a spray or jey-spray, you do not need to aim at the attacker’s right eye or left nostril. It is enough to hold your finger on the spray button and move your hand to the right / left – the irritant cloud will reach the target.

Keep your common sense. As practice shows, if at the moment of an attack the victim maintains a sober mind, composure, this increases the chances of salvation. With the help of a pepper spray, you can neutralize up to 5 attackers – the irritant is enough for 2 – 6 second of continuous use. The optimal time for one press is 1.5-2 seconds.

Take action. Don’t wait for the irritant to end. The contents of the pepper gas provokes temporary lacrimation, burning, blepharospasm. A gas spray is a tool of self-defense, it can temporarily neutralize an attacker, but it does not affect his intentions. Use a spray, call for help, run away.

Practice, self-confidence, the desire to fight back the attacker and a quality self-defense tool are the key to your safety!

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