Serialized Free Novels on the internet Are really In

The good Book says, “Cast your bread on the water and grow sure it will come back to you. inch The publishing industry seems to be hueing to this philosophy more every week as the number of free serialized novels available on the internet increases exponentially.

I have been offering my novel, Horizons Past, for free in serialized form ( http: //www. horizonspast. com ) approximately five months. I had no illusions of inventing the wheel with this unusual approach, because I knew a handful of authors had preceded me. Now I read many times a week of yet another novel going out in e-book serialized format for free.

Many of the comments I get speak to the question, “Why would you give your book away. inch The answer fot it depends on how established the writer is. Established authors create markets for their backlist of books and interest in their upcoming releases. They also now get paid for their serialized books from sponsors who display the books on their websites to attract business. visit here to get more info

Michael. J. Rose in the article “Serial E-Authors Make a Killing” told of authors Doug Clegg, Steven Lee Climer, and Charles Compo profiting their published books by building visitor with free serialized novels. Apparently Internet marketers like Cybergold also have latched on to serialized novels as a way to draw customers to their site.

Booktrade. info reports that Headline Publishing’s Contact, the debut novel from British comics writer Simon Spurrier, will be published online for free starting on May 24th. The book will be released over a six-week period coinciding with the release of the print edition. Headline claims to be the first mainstream commercial publisher to make such a move.

For wannabee and lesser authors, the free serialized novel serves to generate visibility and name recognition, but apparently for established authors, giving your book away generally seems to generate big cash returns.

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