Supporting Migrant Women in the Food Industry

Mazí Mas is a restaurant in London, which works as a social enterprise that helps migrant ladies in the city. The restaurant offers training and employment options for these ladies in need. The restaurant presently runs within a pop-up restaurant at the Ovalhouse arts center in London.

Mazí Mas presently works together with girls from Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Iran, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, The Philippines, Senegal, and Turkey. The social enterprise assists them to gain knowledge in the foodstuff business, including helping them to gain placements in eateries, along with giving them guidance to greatly help them set up their very own restaurant or business.

The ladies working within the main pop-up restaurant contain seven chefs, from the wide selection of those nations, who all offer some unique recipes. The selection is continually changing, as the ladies make meals they discovered to make at home. This means that one day they might have mainly Turkish meals, and another they may be Jamaican classics, and therefore on.

The story of Mazí Mas starts with one girl, although it isn’t the woman who launched the restaurant. Maria Maroulis became through to the island of Evia in Greece and later moved to the USA with her partner and two teenage kiddies, after the military coup in 1967. They resolved in Astoria, in Queens, New York, and Maria anxiously needed to locate work. Nevertheless, she wasn’t competent enough for many jobs and possessed just simple English. Because of enjoying baking and preparing, Maria mainly desired to open her very own bakery, nonetheless, it wasn’t the done issue for ladies at that time.  turkish food

She eventually found work as a nanny for a Greek, two-month-old child girl. Twenty-five decades later, that woman found herself in London, and with a passion for preparing and baking, exactly like her godmother Maria. This interesting light emitting diode her to offer in neighborhood kitchens around the city, where she achieved a great many other migrant girls as her nanny and godmother had been. These girls all also desired to open their very own eateries, restaurants, and corporations, and this was the driving power behind Mazí Mas.

Mazí Mas was thus launched to greatly help other girls follow their dreams of working their very own eateries, offering migrant girls the ability to gain knowledge in the foodstuff business and gain employment, which can be the ability never directed at Maria Maroulis. Their major value is envisioning a world where girls are equals, with their performance respected and comments heard.

Most of the girls who they assist in Mazí Mas are moms, which they discover to be a real obstacle for migrant women. Moreover, plenty of these migrant girls will work against not being precisely competent for many jobs or owning requirements that aren’t acknowledged in the UK. They also state there’s much discrimination against migrant girls who can’t talk British as well.

Mazí Mas is backed by the London Community Base, which helps charities and social enterprises about London. They also increase income through on the web crowdfunding systems and have so far increased £16,000

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