Ashley, the Bunny, has three new pals! animation monkey They’re Sophie, Josh, and Tom.  Nowadays, she’s using Sophie in the garden behind Sophie’s house.

Are you dried in these days, Ashley?” requires Sophie.  She is making a laugh about your entire day Ashley dropped in the lake in the park.  “Sure, I’m dry nowadays,” smiles Ashley.  “Thanks for supporting me to flee the pond.”

Sophie and Ashley are sitting below a big tree at the rear of the garden.  Plop!  Such a thing precipitates from the tree.  “The thing that was that?” asks Ashley.  “I don’t know,” responds Sophie

Plop!  Plop!  It does occur again two times!  “Appreciate this,” statements Sophie.  Ashley’s techniques were nearer to Sophie.  Sophie is certainly going at something.  Ashley examines it.  It’s a strawberry peel!

They search across the ground.  They find two more strawberry peels.  Plop!  It’s yet another strawberry peel.   But now, it decreases down correctly alongside Sophie’s head.  Yuk!

Sophie and Ashley hear somebody laughing.  They research the tree, and what do they see?  It is just a monkey.  It is just a really pretty monkey.  It’s Baba, the Horse!

Hi, you, up there!” claims Sophie. “What’ve you been doing?” But cartoon horse does not give you an alternative;

He just laughs. Plop! He reduces yet another  cartoon monkey

Banana peel. This time it falls
On Ashley’s mind!

Sophie and Ashley aren’t happy. This could be a very attractive monkey. Why he is falling blood skins down to the floor? Why he is losing?

Banana peels along with their minds?
“You drop here at this time!” states Ashley. “Yes,” claims Sophie. “You have to greatly help us clean up this mess.” But animation monkey laughs. Now

He begins to move from part to branch. Oops!

He overlooks a branch.  He concerns the ground.  Plop!  But this time around, it’s probably not really a strawberry peel.  Now it’s a naughty monkey.  He’s not likely moving.  Oh, no!  Is Baba damage?

Sophie and Ashley are frightened. They’re unhappy when it comes to the blood peels. But they don’t require animation monkey

To be damage. They run to see if cartoon monkey is ok

He’s on his back. They look down at him.
He gets up and jokes and works about in circles.  He’s possibly maybe not ruined He was pretending to be damage He works and gets and does cartwheels and somersaults.

Sophie and Ashley chuckle at Baba.  He’s a sexy horse, but he’s also an entertaining monkey.   “My concept is Baba!” he statements as he runs around.  “I am Sophie, and that is Ashley,” claims Sophie.

Sophie and Ashley begin to use around with Baba. Now they attempt to pursue him, but he’s also fast. He runs across the pine, and they follow him. He appears behind him and does not see

The Strawberry peel on the ground.

Baba slides on the strawberry peel.  His legs get way up into the air.  Plop!  He places on his straight back again.  These times, Sophie and Ashley stay along with Baba.  He can’t change nowadays!

Why are you currently sitting on top of me? Shouts cartoon monkey.  Let me get it!  I’d like to obtain it!  We can’t allow you to get before you solve a question. Claims Ashley.  Sure, claims Sophie.  Why do you decline strawberry peels?

“I don’t know,” jokes animation monkey. “I don’t know how to proceed with the peels following I consume the bananas.” “But this is not great,”

says Sophie. “We don’t need strawberry skins inside our garden.”

You are correct,” says animation monkey.  “Michael sorry.  I created it in fairly bad form, and today, I would clear it up.”  Therefore animation monkey begins to get strawberry peels.  There are plenty of strawberry skins; thus, Sophie and Ashley help the animation monkey.

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