Three Mistakes Basketball Players Make. How to Avoid These Mistakes

Basketball athletes make up a large part of my clients as a personal trainer and coach for sports performance here in Singapore. Basketball is a sport with long-standing traditions that prevent athletes from being their best.

One mistake is not doing enough strength training. Some coaches believe that physical preparation should be limited to practicing drills, playing the game and running long distances. Strength training with a skilled personal trainer or sports performance specialist can improve a player’s speed, power, agility, and resistance to injury. The old wives’ tale that bigger muscles can hurt shooting technique is false. The body will adapt as long as athletes continue to practice their shooting and get stronger.

The second mistake is not warming up properly joel embiid injury. I find that teams usually warm up by doing some jogging, followed by static stretching (hold different positions for 30-60 sec each). This is not the best way to warm up for games or training. This can actually cause your brain to shut down, which is not what you want if you really want it to perform at its best. Good stretching programs will incorporate movements that you are most likely to use in the game as well activation exercises that activate muscles that will be used.

A third error is to use too many guards and wraps, even if there are no problems with you using them as “insurance”. While guards can be helpful in recovering from injuries, they make joints more rigid than necessary. The lack of movement in one joint will cause problems elsewhere. Ankle guards or tapes, for example, can cause problems in the knee. It now has to replace the lack of movement from the ankle.

Coach Jonathan Wong is a highly sought-after Singapore personal trainer and performance coach who has helped hundreds clients, from ordinary people to athletes, achieve their fitness, fat reduction, and sport performance goals.

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