Chinese Crested Dogs – Your About three Prime Issues of an Prolonged Frosty Michigan Winter months

Chinese Crested dogs are a lot of fun. They’re a really active breed and in the summer they like to visit a park and just race around, back and forth.

But what does a hairless Chinese Crested do throughout the long, cold winter months like we have in Michigan? Here are three of the top challenges they face – and we face.

Staying warm. I bet you knew this might be number one. It is important to truly have a good choice of doggie coats and pants. Yes pants. They make all kinds of interesting dog clothing these days.

My spouse, who’s a groomer, actually took the sowing machine and tailored a few of the Chinese Crested coats, so they can fit better. The majority of the time the hairless dogs wear a coat even inside, just to keep warmer. They often huddle around heating vents too.

Planning to the restroom is the second top winter challenge. Winter means much more of a challenge in this region than in the summer. We’ve a great partially covered Chinese Crested Breeder deck that people send the Cresteds out to. But there is snow and it’s cold, and they don’t like it out there one bit.

We leave them outside for around 4 to 5 minutes, long enough to attend the bathroom. Does it always work? Have you been kidding? Here’s a suggestion on what not to let this drive you crazy. Have a few places on the ground where you spread several newspapers. They can be trained to go potty on the paper. Winter is no fun in this region, but Chinese Cresteds are worth it.

The final winter challenge is exercise – or the lack of exercise. Dogs need a specific amount of vigorous exercise to keep from having behavioral problems. This is difficult to do in the winter. Besides tearing through the house when they hear an automobile or the doorbell, they don’t get much exercise.

On the few “warmer” days when it ventures about 40 degrees, we sometime take them for a walk. But this is still very cold for the hairless ones. The puff Cresteds are like some other dog – they could go outside in the snow and don’t really mind it.

We anticipate getting a doggie treadmill one of these days. The full size “human” treadmill will work. But they make them for dogs and they occupy less room. But until we understand this new toy, our Chinese Cresteds need to put up with the long winters in Michigan.

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