Determining the best Mattress meant for the beginning of a good New Life

When my wife and I were first married, we did not need much by means of furniture and appliances. We didn’t get several things at our reception either,¬†Dormidan¬†which can be strange once you consider it, but most of our gifts were in the proper execution of gift certificates and cash. We didn’t register anywhere, so I suppose that was the simplest way for folks to express their congratulations. Regardless, the one thing that was most obviously lacking once we got married was a bed. We did not need one, and while we had a condo, we were relegated to the ground for the first week we lived there. It was not bad really, merely another fond memory right from the start of our lives together.

I feel that fortune smiled upon us, because when our post office box was registered, we received an advertizement for a nearby bed and bath company with a significant sale on mattresses and bedding. Once we walked in the store, we had the privilege of meeting directly with the owner.

He asked us how exactly we discovered the sale, and we told him so it was due to the flier within our post office box. He was overjoyed to learn that his advertizing was working and gave us extra care and attention. We selected the mattress that people wanted and had it delivered that afternoon. A couple of days later, we found the bed frame to choose it, and we’ve had a good bed ever since.

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