Experience Unparalleled Performance With The vivo S1 Pro

Vivo S1 Pro which is powered by Android OS 4.4 has been launched with great fanfare. It comes packed with lots of impressive features which will surely take your breath away. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the key features present in this smartphone.

One of the best features present in this smartphone is the pressure sensitive screen which allows you to scroll or pinch anywhere on the screen to zoom in and out of the image. The feature also offers users immediate access to the home button which is present on the touch screen. To conclude, the Vivo S1 Pro comes with a whole lot of exciting features which are sure to catch the attention of its users.

The connectivity options present in the vivo s1 pro include GSM connectivity which supports Aptina and Glide. There is also Dual SIM with microSD slot for user sharing of data. In addition to these connectivity options, the handset comes with a fingerprint scanner and an infrared camera for security purposes. The camera has an LED flash for notification light which is visible from any angle.

The vivo s1 pro has an advanced digital camera which has a high resolution sensor for capturing clear pictures in all possible light conditions. The phone also comes with a high resolution, monochrome, camera lens. The lens has been optimized for low light conditions and hence you can vivo s1 pro get crisp pictures even in a dark room. In addition, the camera has an intuitive interface which makes it easy for you to select your favorite picture and send it to your friends.

The vivo s1 pro has a very large Super AMoled display as well as a big battery. It offers you a larger screen space compared to the iPhone 4S which makes it easier to view images from various applications. The camera comes with a media player which supports MMS, H.V.A.M (High Definition Multimedia Messaging) and WMA (Wide Area Networks) video calling. You can also connect the smartphone to your home computer via the USB cable for displaying photos and videos in your room.

The built in camera gives you a bright, vivid and a high resolution image every time. The built in camera in the vivo s1 pro also features Ozo glass which guarantees protection from scratches and also acts as a anti-glare screen protector which further helps you get quality images. The phone also includes a powerful zoom lens for great picture taking. Other minor features include Super AMOLED touch screen, dual tone memory flash, vibration sensitive alert, WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and fast network connection. Thus, you can always count on this unique diamond shaped smartphone which comes with all the features you need in a modern mobile. Get one now from any of the leading mobile stores or online mobile shops.

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